Artificial hair transplant in India


According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) more number of people, both men and women, are looking towards hair transplantation procedures. In the year 2014, more than 397,048 hair transplant surgeries were performed and it was an increase of 28% compared to the previous year. Another interesting fact is that more than half of the men and women treated for hair loss were under 50 years of age, with the 30-39 age group making the biggest group. Over the years, the number of available procedures for hair transplantations has increased. Among them, artificial hair transplantation is believed to be the most common procedure for hair transplant.

Artificial hair replacement or transplantation involves a surgical procedure with minimal downtime and is the safest and cheapest way to tackle baldness. However, it is also among the last resorts when permanent natural hair transplantation fails. Artificial hair transplant involves the use of bio-fiber hair which gives a patient much fuller appearance.In case of bio-fiber artificial hair transplant, these artificial fibers are inserted into the scalp to give a more natural appearance. However, the hair strand doesn’t grow and might even come off after a length of time. In most cases, artificial hair replacement has a life span of around 4-5 years after which the procedure needs to be repeated. The only complicacy here would be trying to get a matching fiber for your scalp from about 100 different options. Bio fibers are popular among patients who want instant result for special events like marriage and important parties.

Partial hair additions like hair weaves are becoming more popular than wigs. It would be interesting to know that all forms of artificial hair transplant either uses the existing hair or the scalp skin to root itself in the head and give a more natural look. A wig on the other hand is just a dressing that can be differentiated easily.

As such, artificial hair implants are also dependent on the existent hair and would be the best way to cover bald spots.The natural hair keeps on growing but the artificial hair remains stagnant,so hair cut should be done only for the natural hair.This is the only precaution that you should be prepared for.

The cost of artificial hair implants is certainly more than that of a wig but it also does give a more natural look. The choice depends on your lifestyle needs and expectations.