Sony Pictures to launch New Channel


When Sony gets in the market, you know that you are in for surprises and great content that will leave you yearning for more. If you are an avid movie lover, then you know that the new Sony channel will be a thing that you need to look forward to.

Sony pictures network India is set to launch a new English channel where the movies will contain great storyline and content that will engage fans. The channel will be termed as Sony le Plex HD and it will strive to bring movies that will take care of fans that want alternative channel to watch movies.

The launch of the online channel is schedule to be in June that is after going regulatory and clearance procedures. Sony le Plex HD will give you best reviews on movies an programs like no other. You will also have the chance to see all the latest movies. The objective of Sony is to bring something new and refreshing to your screen.

It will also offer the best way to get away from the mainstream channels from Hollywood and other channels. You will also get to see something that you have always craved for. The network has made huge investment and it will seek to move from the usually movies that you see from other channels.

The new channel will premier released and popular movies, especially the most anticipated ones like spotlight, ex-machina, foxcatcher and straight outta Campton among many other movies. Sony picture new channels has rights from Hollywood to premier other movies like inglorious basterd, taxi driver, gladiator, and Philadelphia.

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