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Whether it is an online game or real cricket, it is one such popular game that is loved by all people across the globe. It is not just playing with bat and ball but is worshiped by many crickets playing nations throughout the world. Play Fantasy Cricket is an online game. In the game, the fans or the lovers of cricket can have the opportunity to select their own team and see their action on the field. It is the cricket where the fans can test their cricketing skills. It is very easy to criticize the team selection, but having to select the entire team according to your own is definitely a matter of fact. Unless you take part and play fantasy cricket, you will not be able to know how difficult is. Here you have the right to select a team of your own, and also be in charge of the team.

To take part in the Fantasy Cricket League Online, you have to go a dedicated website of cricket. Many websites are giving the fans the chances to play fantasy cricket. They are given the list of best players from all over the world as per as their form is concerned. You have to select the team of eleven unique players from the list. It is to keep in mind that you will be provided certain points, and you have to manage your team within those points. Suppose if you have hundreds of points at your disposal, you will have to manage your team within that given points. The budget point is the ranking point given to each player based on their performance. You must remember randomly selecting players for your team will not do, you must make sure that the player you have selected to play fantasy cricket is expert with bat, ball or both. You will also have to select the captain of the squad. At any time of the tournament, you can modify your team by replacing a player in the team. If you make the best choice at the very beginning, you need not replace the team members at any stage of the game. You should not go for the big names because cricket is a game which needs performance.

Contestants will also have a chance to win up to rupees ten thousand in cash by playing daily. Each contestant in this competition will be allocated rupees hundred crores of virtual money to choose their favorite players from across the various teams and create their dream eleven. Depending on how those cricketers perform in upcoming real-life matches, the contestants will earn points. The contestant who has scored the highest point has the chance to win rupees five lakh in cash, and a gift voucher worth rupees two lakhs and twenty-five thousand. The contestants can compete globally while enjoying social networking feature and forming their own leagues, allowing them to compete in closed perfect groups. So the advice is to select the players according to their recent performance. It is inevitable that the performance of all players and teams will be under scrutiny at all times.


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