4 apps to make adventure travel easier


Adrenaline-inspired voyagers who have a pension for adventure travel may not want to follow a set path when they journey on their next grand spree, but there are ways to combine spontaneity and smart travel by using cellphones to provide assistance during a bind. Writing itineraries and following specific recommendations can make for a tiresome – and sometimes stressful – vacation. But for those brave souls who like jumping to a new location, the following mobile apps may help to make their adventures more enjoyable:

1. City Guides
Travelers who find themselves wandering around new cities without much knowledge of the area would benefit from City Guides, an iPhone app that provides offline maps for a number of locations. Because the app does not need an Internet connection to work, travelers do not have to worry about racking up a large cellphone bill by using its function, PC Mag explained. This permits tourists the ability to quickly access local favorites, monuments and must-sees of the area.

2. Google Translate
Visiting a foreign country that doesn’t speak your native tongue? CNN Travel recommends Google Translate, which allows visitors to type in specific words or phrases that need to be translated into another language. Some adventure travelers may be hard-pressed to stop and ask for directions, but for those who need assistance or are seeking a way to speak to locals, this app may prove invaluable.

3. Tripomatic
Just because some tourists don’t want to plan out their entire trip beforehand doesn’t mean that they can’t catalog a few places they want to visit. PC Mag explained that Tripomatic allows users to research cities beforehand, then store specific sites they wish to see. If you aren’t quite sure which cities you want to visit, the app can store numerous locations and their attractions within. Unlike City Guides, however, this app cannot operate offline, meaning that travelers must have access to Wi-Fi to check their saved places.

4. City Maps 2Go
Similar to City Guides, City Maps 2Go offers maps of different locations around the globe. However, this app takes it a step further by highlighting the best spots, restaurants, ATMs and sleeping areas. Condé Nast Traveler explains that it operates offline, though users must download the map for a specific city prior to opening the app. This means that while the tourist is in the foreign city, they do not need Wi-Fi to explore, but they must have acquired the map prior to the trip.