What should be done the day before the wedding?


The day before the wedding, as a rule, is full of stress, worry, and fuss. At this time, you can easily forget about the most basic things, which you don’t even pay attention to. However, if you don’t want to get stuck at the last moment and find out that you, for instance, have forgotten to put the documents in your handbag, we advise you to read these simple tips .


1. Follow the diet.

Eat fruits and vegetables, avoid fatty and spicy foods. Be aware of the individual characteristics of your body and avoid the food that can spoil your event. We also advise drinking much water as it greatly helps to maintain the body function in times of stress. Hence, drink as often as possible. At the same time remember it is important to drink particularly water rather than juices, soft drinks, and other liquids.

2. Forget the social networks.

It is fashionable today to inform about your every step of wedding preparations in social networks. Anyway, try to forget about it the day before the wedding. Your friends’ messages with plentiful questions may distract you from your important issues. Remember that you need to calm down and extra contacts are absolutely unnecessary.

3. Assemble our wedding handbag.

Think about the things you may need on your wedding day, make a list.

4. Put on your wedding shoes.

Feet need some time to get used to new shoes. Hence, if you haven’t worn the wedding shoes, it is high time to do it. Walk them around the apartment, you can even dance turning on the music, that will be performed at the wedding.

5. Write a love letter to the groom.

The day before the wedding is the perfect time to write pleasant words to your beloved. You can write, for instance, how much you love him and how excitedly you are looking to becoming his wife.

6. Think over the words of gratitude for the guests to say at the wedding.

At the end of the evening, the host is to give the newlyweds a word to thank their guests. Prepare the words beforehand so that it doesn’t catch you by surprise.

7. Have a walk.

In the pre-wedding evening meet the groom and have a walk with him. Try not to touch debatable themes and talk over the pleasant moments of the upcoming day or the fist wedding night.

8. Relax before bedtime.

End your day with yoga classes or a short meditation. Take a bath, listen to relaxing music. We recommend going to bed two -three hours earlier than usual.

The day before the wedding you will have to catch a lot, yet if you have well planned the upcoming event and have made sure all the matters were solved gradually rather than left for the last moment, you can avoid many problems. Hence, do not forget that the first step toward a perfect celebration is a well thought-out plan.