What are some of the major premier league facts you are yet to know?

What are some of the major premier league facts you are yet to know?

The massive winning of title by Manchester United

At the mention of this club, everyone gets fear. However, the big question in this case is to know which club has won the most times. If you were yet to know, Manchester united football club, which has a history of 21 years, has won the title 13 times. This is a great achievement for any given football club. What is surprising is that, the runners up, that is, Chelsea and Arsenal, have each celebrated only three times. This means that these two runners up have a long way to go provided they want to create a good history.

The biggest home and away wins

When you get to the records and count the numbers for all teams, Manchester United football club holds the greatest record. It has worn most matches while at the Old Trafford and when playing away from home. Other teams follow with a relatively lower record. The specific players for this team are dedicated to give their best and once they are trusted, they have the ability to perform better.

Total budget spend on players for previous decade

When you check in the available records, it is clear that the Premier league has spent more than 4.4 billion pounds for purchasing places. This however applies to all the clubs that qualify to participate in it. This amount is unbelievable when it attributed to only the past ten years. In this category, Chelsea club stands at the top for being the greatest spender on buying its players. In total, it has used 673 million pounds for the transfer cases and purchasing more players. Some of the world’s biggest players play for this team. This is probably the reason why the team has started performing better.

Total Barclays Premier League attendance in 2012 to 2013

The key reason why this has been put down in the facts list is because it is the year when most people went to see football matched. For instance, it has been put in the records that 13.3 million people attended the tournament at this season. From then, the number has not been higher than this set record.

The most enjoyable football league in the globe

Although there are uncountable number of football leagues in the world, the Premier League is one of the few that are most watch by people. For most of the other leagues, people are normally interested in the semi-finals and the finals.

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