Reasons: To choose PHP as website development tool

Reasons: To choose PHP as website development tool

Reasons: To choose PHP as website development tool

PHP is favored by worldwide web programmers’ community as it offers to create very good interactive and dynamic internet applications and websites easily.

1. Open source (Free to use)

This resourceful server-side scripting language has almost all the programming capabilities that are provided by any proprietary scripting language. PHP is fully open source, supported by web makers’ community worldwide. It is really popular server-side scripting language and hence the large PHP community is a great support.

2. Easy to learn

Majority of PHP syntax is just like C-language. So anyone who is familiar with C, C++ or Java programming can easily code in PHP. Moreover, it is very easy to integrate with HTML and CSS code. You just need to put open and close tag for PHP i.e. and its done. This method of web development is quite easy and procedural. If a user wants to code with OOP model, he/she can also do it very easily.

3. No issue of platform-dependency

PHP is completely platform independent. The only thing it needs is Apache Server & MySQL as database. (Though one can use another database too, but MySQL is the first preference for the PHP programmers.) The language is very suitable for cross-platform development, resulting in cost-effective programming language.

4. Flexible and dynamic

PHP is template friendly. HTML, JavaScript and CSS makes it very flexible and dynamic in nature. PHP can be easily embedded into HTML, it provides extreme support to convert a static websites into dynamic and interactive one. It also provides easiness and simplicity to implement coding. PHP provides great amount of dynamicity in coding compared to its competitors. It is highly customizable to meet precise web application requirements.

5. Resources and Tools

There is ocean of online help and good quality learning materials to start learning PHP. The manual is also well documented and available for ready reference. Moreover there is no shortage of people from community willing to help via various resources on internet like blogs, YouTube, twitter etc.

A large plenty of tools and APIs handy for web developers seeking specific functionalities and majority of them are free.

6. Readymade tools

You can find a large amount of open source frameworks build on PHP. Some of the well-known CMS available are Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Moodle, Magento, and many more. PHP looks very likely for Content Management Systems (CMS) since it can be fully customized to match customer needs.