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Let’s start with what is operating system? And how does it work? Operating system is most essential part of computers, laptops desktops whatever. Without operating system your computers are  not complete that’s why you need to understand about  operating system if you want to know about how to change operating system then open this link  How to change operating system this will help you to format your laptop or computer. Today I’m going to tell you about top 10 operating system which are best for your computers laptop and desktops so let’s get start

1.   windows 10

Windows 10 is best operating system in world which manufactured by Microsoft in 2015 you can get access different program like cortana this is most unique feature in windows 10 this is work for voice controlling you never this program first developed in windows 10Windows 10 is very fast than other windows like 7,8,8.1 so I recommend to you use windows 10 . system requirement


20 HDD(Hard drive space)

1.3 GZ processer

2 .Windows  8.1

This is second amazing windows in the world in this operating system you can get different features like sliding  screen right side of screen all setting etc. Comparing speed is slightly lower than windows 10. System requirement


16 HDD( Harddrive Space)

1.3 GZ processes

3.Windows  8

This is also one of most popular windows in the entire world. System requirement

2GB Ram

16 GB HDD (Harddrive space)

4.Windows 7

Windows 7 is most popular in the world this operating system is require for old generation computers laptops which has low performance. System requirement



1 GZ processer

5.windows XP

Windows XP is oldest version this is best for those user whose computer’s has low performance. System requirement all computers

6.Winwods Vista

Most of you never heard about windows vista this most oldest operating system in the history


7.Kali Linux

 Kali linux  for hacker this operating system is design for hacking personally I don’t recommend to use this but you can use this if you want. Kali linux  is so advance operating system than others



ubuntu is most powerful operating system in the world ubunutu is used for hacking purpose.coomparing with windows this is slighlty better. In terms of installation this most esay than others windows you don’t have to follow long steps  if you are bored with windows then use it.


May be you never heard about wifi slax this is most easy operating system in the world.  Wifi slax is used for hacking purpose if you are not familiar with kali linux and ubunutu and black track then you can use wifi slax this is most easy way to hack wifi you don’t have to remember any coding. In terms of installing wififslax is most than others operating system so use wifi slax

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