Further Your Career with CMS

Further Your Career with CMS

Offering globally accepted certificate courses from Cisco, Microsoft and other IT players, CMS is one of the biggest testing partners for Red Hat in India. Set up in 1976, CMS IT Services caters to over 1,000 large and medium enterprises across the globe who deal in the IT infrastructure management space. Ranked among the best hardware, storage training, security, and networking institutes in the country, CMS has over 50 training centres and has trained over a million students. With an ISO certified-design and development centre, the company has served over 100 happy corporate clients.

CMS allows you to benefit from their job-oriented computer courses, that will enable you to master the skills required for IT infrastructure management, while also giving you the chance to benefit from on-job industry training and stipends. If you work in software training, and are constantly required to use Java, then look no further than the CMS CCSP certification course in Java+. The course will help you master the computer language that has several uses in Desktop, Web and Mobile Applications. Apart from the theory aspect of the course, CCSP certification training also includes soft-skill training, where you get tips on how to prepare for interviews, better your communication skills, and acquire your dream job.

If you don’t work with Java, you needn’t worry as CSM offers a range of courses under three broad categories – IT Infrastructure Management, Software Training, and Oracle Training. The infrastructure management programs help you better understand CITA, CITCA, MCSA, ITIL Foundation, and more. On the other hand, if you work in software, you might be better off with the IT computer courses that deal in NET+, C, C++, PHP Web Programming, and of course, Java. Lastly, if you work with software company Oracle, you can greatly benefit from the CMS course preparing you to pass the global certification Oracle Certified Associate and Oracle Certified Professional exams.

Once you complete a course of your choosing from CMS, the academy will help you find a job that is perfect for you. They have some of the best placement records in the industry, and will enable you to gain a foothold in the IT industry. Many of the top IT players recognise CMS students for their technical prowess, and 80% of CMS alumni work with some of the best IT recruiters and market leaders.

If you’re ready to gain the edge over your competition, then CMS can be the right choice for you. The vast curriculum they teach has been developed in close partnership with industry leaders like Oracle and Microsoft, and the programmes they offer are carefully designed by industry experts, based on current market requirements. While CMS will teach you the theoretical aspects of the courses in their 50+ training centres, they will also give you the chance to learn on the job. Their successful placement campaign opens up a myriad of opportunities for you in an ever-changing and ever-growing IT industry. And, they bring you their facilities at the most cost-effective rates in the market. When you sign-up for a course at CMS, you don’t just gain valuable knowledge, you benefit from some of the best opportunities.