Factors That Impact the Lifespan of Solar Panels: How to Make Your Solar Panels Last Longer

How long does a solar panel last?

Basically, a solar panel lasts nearly 30 years. Meanwhile that time, many systems need slight to no maintenance beyond reducing snow or leaves and defaming off debris. Generally, the lifespan of solar panels is based on the quality of the used solar panel technology, with inclusion of the Photovoltaic (PV), and the overall installation’s quality.

Every year, solar panels lose near to half a percent in total performance. After 25 years of functionality, good quality solar panels will be still functioning at around 90% efficiency. The modules installed by us in homes and workplaces are aesthetically pleasing, lightweight and efficient. More significantly, they are extremely efficient and cost effective. Mounted panels are flushed to the roof with wiring.

Factors that affect the longevity of solar panels:

There are some factors that impact the lifespan of a solar pane. Presently there are panels in use, which were made over 40 years ago and they are still producing energy. Though solar inverter manufacturers provide a 25-years warranty, solar panels may double that lifespan if kept under optimal climates and well-maintained conditions. Below are some factors which affect the lifespan of a solar panel:

  • Winter maintenance:

Winter comes with a totally new set of problems with solar panels. Snow blocks the capacity of the panels generating energy and thus snow removal is vital if you want maximum energy efficiency. This can be risky particularly if you have a sloped roof and have installed solar roof tiles, creating them harder for cleaning.

  • Debris and Winds:

Areas impacted by high winds particularly will need daily cleaning of solar panels. Pollen, sand, fields, dirt roadways and dust from gravel all require being removed. In the city, smog can also put impact on your solar panels, blocking valuable sunlight from generating energy for you. Brushing down panels on a daily basis will help you enhance their efficiency.

  • Maintenance:

Usually, solar panels don’t need very much maintenance, yet again; it depends on the place you stay, as well as where and how the panels are installed. Appropriate maintenance can impact both the longevity and efficiency of the panels. For instance, maintenance is needed to make sure that your panels are not shaded by dust or dirt, leaf or other debris and trees or overgrown limbs. In fact, a little amount of shade has a large effect on the effectiveness of solar panels. Panels work more effectively while they get direct sunrays.

How to make solar panels last longer:

Longevity of 25 years for solar panels is fair enough. Daily maintenance and repairs, if required can help maximize the longevity of the solar panels.

Other elements safeguarded by premium trim may have a longer durability. When every solar system function at lessened effectiveness over time, optimal climates and well-maintained conditions may help your solar panels continue functioning for years longer. Actually, solar panels can safeguard your roof from the harmful impacts of weather.

Householders are sometimes surprised at the low-maintenance of a solar panel system. Yet, in fact, we leave nothing while it comes to the longevity of solar panels. All Microtek solar panels come with better protection plan which adds 24×7 lifetime monitoring. The repair must be essential and thus, if any issue arrives, the highly-trained technicians’ team of Microtek addresses the issues as early as possible.

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