Evaluation of student achievement is a crucial and pervasive issue of concern in every classroom. Traditional evaluation activities were used to certify or promote students. Currently, evaluation is recognized, as a comprehensive process not just something that occurs only at the end of some learning episode, it is an integral part of the teaching learning process.

Evaluation activities provide information for the identification of student’s performances, a basis for the assessment of teaching strategies and data for important decision regarding corrective or enrichment activities.

If a classroom is to function effectively, a well planned system of evaluation is essential. Without such plan, it will be difficult to determine the ability of students and to decide which methods of instruction are most appropriate for a particular class or group of students.

School Structure

Daughters of divine love juniorate school is a female private school, it was founded in 1969 at Ihiala in Anambra state, by the late Bishop Godsfrey Mary Paul Okonye, then Bishop of port Harcourt. The number of students that were enrolled in 1969 is seven with about four members of the staff, including the principal. 15

The school was later moved to Isienu Nsuka in the 1976, the second campus of the junior ate was started in Enugu which is the head quarters of the congregation with its first principal as Sr .M. Chizoba Eke.The junior ate school made its first external examination in the year 1972. Daughters of divine love comprise both the junior secondary and the senior secondary sections and runs a six year formal education programme. Each of the 6 classes is made up of either 2 or 3 or 4 streams depending on the size of the class. Because of the nature of the school which informs it’s home: Daughters of divine love junior ate, equal attention, more or less, is giving to both the academic and character formation of the students.

Administration and Staff

The administrative structure of the school comprises the principal, two vice principal (Academic & Administration, School Bursar, Matron, Dean of Studies, Heads of Department, Form Teachers and other teachers. The tutorial staff strength of the school is forty – three permanent teachers and seven part-time teachers. These teachers are qualified. The non academic staff section comprises about thirty workers mainly non-professionals. The motto of the school is “FAITH AND LOVE”


Education is concerned with the integral formation of students. Hence, it should be directed toward their physical emotion, social, moral, intellectual and spiritual development. 16

Any system of evaluation has to be based on who students are and how they know and act as learners. The following principles of evaluation should be evident from the philosophy. These are:

1 Evaluation takes it direction from a definition education which stated in it’s broadcast since is to enable student to realize their potentials as human beings

2 Evaluations involve teacher’s judgment.

3 Evaluation is an integral part of the teaching learning process.

4 Students and education program.

5 Students should play an active role in their evaluation.

6 Evaluation procedure should take into consideration individual difference among students.

7 Evaluation procedure is important for the guidance of individual students.

However, it should be noted that the main purpose of evaluation is to determine the extent to which student have archived the intended outcome of the education program. There evaluation must be student centered where it process and subsequent decisions reflect a genuine concern for the interest of each student. 17


The main aim of this project is to provide an information tracking system along with evaluation system for evaluating students based on written examination, thus providing the positions for every student and to eradicate the problems uncounted in education environment that are timed consuming in the file system.

The design system holds the following features over the previous manual system.

  1. Enhanced easy retrieval and access to records.
  2. Highly secured student results.
  3. Accuracy of result processing
  4. Accurate report for decision making by the school management.


This project will provide basis for developing a planned system of evaluation for the school academic staffs.


This project is centered on student academic performance for daughters of divine love juniorate secondary school. This project was implemented to show the scores and total average of each student at the end of academic year, and also help to keep proper record of student data. This helps the 18

teachers to know the students that are not performing well, so that they can help them to improve in the subjects they are lagging behind.


The result can be altered by any individual that has access to the software.

No individual can be able to access the result without the aid of the teacher of that particular class.


The project has different chapters, from one to five which will explain the various aspects of the system.

The first chapter gives an introduction of the project along with the project aims and objectives, scope and limitations of the study.

Chapter two is an overview of the literature review.

Chapter three is the details of the system analysis and design and the major components used.

Chapter four deals with the implementation and the testing. This chapter contains the major world of the project.

Chapter five recommendations and conclusion of the project work on student Evolution.

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