Avoid scams!.

Avoid scams!.

As is the case in any industry, dealing with windshield repairs comes with individuals who like to take advantage of clients.

Auto Glass Changers prefers to take the honest approach with our clients looking to get assistance in the Richmond Hill auto glass industry. This site will identify things that people can use to avoid getting taken advantage of by many in the industry. Just because you’re a common hard-working individual and may not be in the know, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be treated with integrity.

Know what issue your glass is facing.

Often a person will have a stone chip, which is a relatively quick and cheap repair, compared to a crack in the windshield but will be told otherwise. It is beneficial to understand what a chip looks like and what the dimensions of yours are.

Being equipped with this information prior to seeing a technician allows you to have the knowledge needed to ask the appropriate questions and what to ask for in their service and what their specialty can be.

Some glass repair businesses may not have the proper abilities to fix a chip and will force you to just replace the glass altogether, why blow the money when you can address the immediate issue in one shot.

The majority of rock chips CAN indeed be repaired

Don’t allow greedy companies tell you that the chip you’re dealing with cannot be repaired. 85-95 percent of chip issues are repairable with the proper tools and expertise.

Don’t be afraid to look elsewhere for a second or third opinion for not just price but a description of your chip. Typically the toughest chips to repair are what they call a “large bull’s-eye” or a combination break. The latter is where a good majority of glass is crushed directly at the impact point.

Understand the difference between repair and replacement only service

Some technicians can’t replace damaged glass and others can’t repair damaged glass. It is important for one to know the difference between the two services.

Replacement is often needed when there is a major crack that makes driving the vehicle a dangerous task. This service requires an entirely new windshield and is usually more costly as there is a matter of dealing with different tools, the cost of the glass and can require more than one technician, depending on the make and model of the car.

Repair service is one that focuses on chips, which are smaller than cracks, and can restore the glass that is already placed on the vehicle. This service is cheaper and avoids the extra charges that could be accrued through the need of additional technicians. A chip is a delicate issue that can be fixed if caught at the right time. It is important for you to know where the chip is located, how it got there and how long for.

Ask around

Windshield repairs and replacement occur much more often than you’d think. It is said that drivers will do either a replacement or repair within the first right months of owning their vehicle.

Be unafraid to check for referrals from friends and other people that you trust. A great way to ensure your car gets the right service that it needs is for you to consult with your mechanic about their thoughts on the auto repair and whom they could recommend.

You should focus on having an expert in auto glass maintenance do the job on your vehicle rather than one who specializes on work under the hood. Think of it as differentiating between a dentist and a doctor



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