7 Surprising Ways to Become a Better Runner

7 Surprising Ways to Become a Better Runner

You don’t have to go to great lengths to be a better runner. However, there’s no ala-Captain America super serum either, just a bit of work and some nice tricks on the side. Here are 7 surprising ways to become a better runner.

Go Fishy

In order to become a better runner, you have to recover stronger after a run. Your muscles are inflamed from all that work, so eating fish rich in Omega-3 helps. Omega-3 decreases inflammation and protects you from heart ailments too. You can also pop a fish oil capsule. Just be sure its high grade.


Go Online

No, don’t play online games, silly. Browse your trusted online shop and look for a running shoe that has great technology. You’ll need a shoe with the right specs to help you run better and more comfortably. Going store to store can waste a lot of time. Sales staff may not be familiar with the shoe tech. Going online can get you all the specs, plus it gets delivered to you for free. New runners may check out Diadora shoes at their favorite online shop.


Walk a While

Speaking of recovery, consider walking. Its low impact but helps with improved blood flow and keeps you active without actually making you tired. A half an hour walk is ideal. Plus, a nice stroll is a good way to relax you physically and emotionally.


DIY Sports Drink

A sports drink is used to replace lost nutrients from all that sweating and effort. But in many cases, sports drinks are too sweet, full of calories or too acidic—causing gastrointestinal problems. And tummy trouble will surely slow down your run. Also, acidity erodes the enamel of your teeth. There is an alternative—make your own sports drink. A do-it-yourself drink is actually very easy, and it will save you a great amount. Here’s a simple DIY recipe: juice a fruit or puree it in a blender—run it through a strainer if you don’t want bits—add 200 ml of the fruit with 800 ml of water, ¼ teaspoon of salt, mix and chill.  Another great part about a DIY sports drink is you can choose the flavors.


Hit the Weights

Mention weight training and running in one sentence and a lot of people will probably get confused. What does lifting weights have to do with your legs? Well, a lot. Running is not just about your legs. It’s about whole body mechanics. In order for you to run better, you have to have a stronger core and stable upper body. And weight training helps make that happen.


Keep Rollin’

Your ankles and arches take a beating when you run so you have to take care of them. Besides getting a massage, try using a foam roller. The foam roller—available at online shops—massage your muscles, breaking scar tissues, improves circulation and improves flexibility. If you don’t have a foam roller yet, just roll a hand towel on a bottle or soda can and use it as a roller. Chill the towel before wrapping it, so you’ll have a roller and cold compress at the same time.


Choco-Banana Drink

No, this is not a typo, you read it correctly, a Choco-banana drink is being recommended for you. Why is that? Well, after a tough run, or a workout, the ideal recovery drink or food is a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates and protein. Chocolate milk and a medium banana covers that. Just blend ice, around 200ml of chocolate milk and a banana. The drink will not only refresh you, rebuild the depleted glycogen stores of the body, but provide a wealth of nutrients too.  And hey, it’s like a healthy cheat treat right? (Don’t drink too much!)

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