5 Ways to get over a breakup and find yourself in a week

5 Ways to get over a breakup and find yourself in a week

images1.Feeling the emotions and letting it go.

You don’t need to act like nothing happened. It’s okay to feel sad and angry. Get those emotions out! You need to clear yourself that this relationship is over and you are not getting your ex back! It’s a dead end. It’s time to move on in your life and rebuild yourself. Take it as a learning experience. Some relationships are meant to end.

2.   Burn the photos!!

Sounds too childish? It’s okay. It will make you feel better, I promise. Block your ex from all the social networking sites and delete your ex pictures in your phone, laptop. Get rid of all the things that will make you remember your ex. No contact at all with ex. Don’t hold of any hope that things might workout between, IT’S OVER!

3. Hard time forgetting tour ex? Then, here is what you need to do.

You changed yourself for your ex but still the your ex just gave you the pain. Didn’t value your feelings. You can’t stop loving your ex still? Then, it’s time to start hating your ex. After all, Hate is as powerful as love. Next time, when you remember your ex just think of only bad things and not the good things. Even your, self respect has some self respect! No more begging or changing for anybody . Someone will love for who you are! You just need to wait for that person and your ex was nowhere near that person. Your ex gave you pain. You deserve happiness and love.

4.Give yourself a makeover.

    Time to upgrade your looks. A simple haircut can give a significant boost for your confidence. Show your ex what he/she missed. It’s easy to all day low in your sweat pants but it’s not going to change anything! Your ex had probably moved on. Put on some good clothes. Hangout with your friends. Enjoy yourself! Party hard. Often, at this time we forget all the good things in our life. Let’s take a moment and make a list of all the good things of your life.

5. Meet new people

Most importantly be open to a new relationship. Not everybody like your ex will break your heart. Don’t become heartless due to a break up. So, just be yourself and somebody might love you for that!